Modern, Sleek Design

The CommBox Lectern is dressed to impress with its sleek
design and ease of use, you can present with confidence

Integrated Smarts

The CommBox Lectern has all the technology built-in, including
a CommBox Control Lite system and multimedia processor.


The CommBox Lectern has plenty of accessible and ventilated
storage in the base for PCs and other equipment.
Other smart features include discrete castors for mobility,
a pen/paper lip and a sliding keyboard shelf tucked away.


An all-in-one multimedia processor incorporates VGA, video,
HDMI, Display port, audio and USB switching.

Lectern Applications
Lectern Applications
Ideal for use in hotels, function centres, theatres, lecture rooms/halls,
school halls, meeting rooms, auditoriums and Kiosk applications.

The simple, yet powerful Touchscreen Control Panel.
The CommBox Control Lite allows you to directly control devices and simply send commands such as, ‘Present On’; or switch sources. If connected to a network the CommBox Control Lite paired with the Lectern can also be controlled via a smart device such as an tablet or mobile phone


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